Welcome to the Women Lead Mentorship program!

The goal of this program is simple but powerful – to address the gender imbalance in leadership positions by mentoring young women so they are empowered to take on leadership roles.

Are you interested in learning from and being inspired by a mentor? 

Join us! You will have the opportunity as a mentee to:

    • Identify and pursue your career goals
    • Gain awareness of career opportunities
    • Acquire skills and knowledge related to your career goals
    • Increase your confidence
    • Help you acquire a network of support.

Are you interested in being a mentor and inspire and support young women to meet their full potential? 

Join us! You will have the opportunity as a mentor to:

    • Step back and gain perspective on your career, skills and experience
    • Expand your knowledge of your field
    • Promote self-reflection about your work through the perspective of a younger person
    • Improve your interpersonal skills
    • Experience satisfaction from helping others.

The mentorship relationship is one which can be mutually rewarding and enriching. The exchange of ideas and relationships is a learning experience which can allow both parties to co-create their futures in important way.
Carol Matthews, Writer and Mentor 

Equal Voice Central Vancouver Island

Our Team

Equal Voice Central Van Isle and City of Nanaimo Councillor, Erin Hemmens were inspired to create the Women Lead program by both statistics and evidence that consistently demonstrates that women are underrepresented in leadership positions.

The goal of Women Lead is to help shift these statistics by engaging women leaders in our community to mentor young women and empower them to see the leadership possibilities for themselves as they start out on their career path.

Maeve O’Byrne

Principal/Executive Cumhacht Coaching and Consulting Services

Janina Stajic

Communications and Public Engagement

Erin Hemmens

City of Nanaimo Councillor

Elizabeth Van Horne

Youth Advisor

Ashwak Sirri

Director @ The Grand Hotel Nanaimo

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