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I commit to the Requirements, Terms and Conditions. *

Requirements, Terms and Conditions.

As a member of the mentorship program, I agree that I will not participate in any actions or behavior that may be considered defamatory or unprofessional. If the mentorship team becomes aware of any such actions then my participation may be terminated.

Nanaimo Women Lead

Mentees will be matched to a mentor and you will be expected to contact your mentor as soon as the match has been made.
Mentees can present, write, blog, etc about the program. We request that:

  • Confidentiality is kept under all circumstances
  • Information shared is not confidential information that you have learned during your
    mentorship journey.
  • Data are correct and accurately reflect the program.

Permission Agreement re: Videos, Photos and Statements

I grant the Women Lead program the right to use my name, photograph and video materials created exclusively for the Women Lead Program in program information and story initiatives. I understand that this information may be used in various mediums for such purposes as publicity, funding applications, and Web content.

I authorize the Women Lead program to use and publish these materials in both print and electronic formats for purposes of promoting the Mentorship Program. Use of my name, photograph and video materials is limited to advancing the vision of the Women Lead Program and may not be used for personal gain by any participant of the

In addition, I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my likeness or my statement(s) appear. I agree that I will make no monetary or other claim against the Women Lead Program for the use of my name, photograph, video and or statements.