Dr. Jivi Saran

Executive Coach
Brief info

Dr. Jivi Saran holds a Ph.D. in Spirituality and MBA in Leadership.A pioneer in the field of Executive Coaching in Vancouver, Dr. Jivi Saran is a keynote speaker, organizational change specialist, and published best selling author of Permission to Be You. In her role as a professor of leadership studies, Jivi combines management expertise with an acute understanding of the dynamics, philosophy, and individual psychology that drive an organization. It’s a transformational approach that’s being leveraged to turn a new generation of business students into resourceful and inspiring leaders.High-level teams can only be created through leadership. As an acute observer with proven business acumen, Jivi leverages almost 25 years’ experience through her Executive Coaching curriculum to increase productivity, focus, and creativity within organizations.By drawing on modern and historical methodologies, and channeling aspects like psychology, relationship dynamics, communication, and vision into Leadership Coaching, Jivi’s programs allows top-tier executives to reach peak-performance in around 12 weeks. Jivi delivers a refreshingly disruptive approach that shakes up traditional paradigms. Her programs effectively allows business leaders to transform operations from the inside out by changing how they teach, interact, communicate, motivate, and inspire.