Toni Wheeler

Acting Executive Director, Haven Society
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Toni Wheeler, Acting Executive Director, Haven Society

Ms. Toni Wheeler, R.N. and M.B.A., joined Haven Society in March of 2019 as our Acting Executive Director.  In June of 2019, Toni was awarded the position of Executive Director - Finance, Administration and Operations.  Toni comes to Haven Society with extensive experience in both Healthcare and Community sectors in senior leadership roles. She has proven skills in business development and change management with a focus on the development of organizational strategy in order to ensure effectiveness and sustainability for all stakeholders. She has keen interest and expertise in board governance and is currently a Board Director for the Nanaimo and District Hospital Foundation. Prior to relocating to Nanaimo, Toni was a Board Director for the Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Services/Housing First.  She is also a member of The Institute of Corporate Directors. As a community leader, Toni is committed to Haven Society’s mission is to promote the integrity and safety of women, children, youth and families and the development of a respectful and healthy community, creating strong, respectful stakeholder relationships, volunteerism, and professional development.